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Photocards - what you must do

Photocards - what you must do


Before you order your season ticket, you must have a valid railway photocard (see images). These are obtainable, free of charge, from any staffed railway ticket office.
The adult rate photocard (for those aged 16 or over) is the pink sample shown. All you need to get one of these is a passport size photograph.
The child rate photocard (for those aged 5-15 when the term starts) is the yellow sample shown. To get one of these you must present a passport size photograph and a copy of the childs birth certificate to a staffed railway ticket office.

This is combination of numbers and letters in black on the photocard. On the newer photocards this will be shown underneath the barcode (as in the samples shown).

Please make sure that your child rate photocard is in date (not past the "Valid Until" date shown on the card). Children who are aged 15 at the start fo the term but then turn 16 during the term can still obtain a child rate ticket for the whole term using their existing photocard (provided it was in date at the start of the term)